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Finding workers to fill relief pharmacist jobs has always been a long and arduous process. ShiftPosts streamlines and simplifies the process and connects you with relief pharmacists faster. The easy-to-use ShiftPosts platform offers an intelligent matching feature that brings quality workers and pharmacy owners together to fill shifts across Canada. 

The ShiftPosts Process 

Finding relief pharmacists for open shifts has never been easier. Simply post your shifts on ShiftPosts, get matched with available pre-screened relief pharmacists, and pick the best option for your needs. 

Using ShiftPosts is the simple, stress-free way to get the relief coverage you need. 

Ditching the Old Ways 

The process of finding a relief pharmacist is complicated, cumbersome, and outdated. You have to put in a lot of time and effort to find a relief pharmacist and once you do, you still have to negotiate pay rates and verify availability. Plus, there is always a chance that the relief employee won’t show up for the shifts, causing even more problems for you. 

Without ShiftPosts, these are some of the ways pharmacy owners try to find workers to fill relief pharmacist jobs. 

Ask Around 

The most common way of trying to find shift coverage is to ask around to other people. The problem with this approach is that you are often limited to only those people in your employees’ network. Additionally, you are relying on word-of-mouth recommendations with no way to pre-screen the relief pharmacist. You’ll also need to deal with manual invoicing and scheduling for the temporary employee. 

Text Others 

When you need to start texting people for shift coverage, your options are confined to your personal contacts. It is also easier for people to say no through text messages, meaning it becomes even harder to find a relief pharmacist. 

Make Calls 

Similar to texting people, you are limited to your personal contacts when you make phone calls to fill pharmacy shifts. While it is harder to say no over the phone, people can just as easily ignore phone calls, which diminishes the number of people you can ask to work. 

Post on Facebook 

There are some Facebook groups you can post in to potentially find relief coverage. The issue with this approach is that you have no way to vet or pre-screen potential relief employees. You’re also at the mercy of people replying to your post, which may not get any responses at all. 

Chat on WhatsApp

Communicating on WhatsApp to find a relief pharmacist is similar to texting. You still have to message people yourself and you’re left waiting for them to respond. Negotiating rates and availability may be a little easier since you can speak to each other through the app, but it is still a tedious process that takes up a lot of your time. 

Use an Agency 

Often, pharmacy owners will turn to a staffing agency as a last resort to find shift coverage. This is an expensive option and it usually takes a long time to secure a shift worker. Once again, you won’t know anything about the relief pharmacist’s credentials, and you’re relying on the staffing agency to thoroughly pre-screen potential candidates. This may be a cheaper option in terms of paying the relief pharmacist, but you’re paying more for the agency and will likely get low-quality work in return. 

Find Relief Pharmacists With ShiftPosts 

With ShiftPosts, you can fill relief pharmacy jobs in minutes instead of days. We ensure that you get matched with high-quality relief pharmacists in no time so you have peace of mind that your shifts are covered with experienced, pre-screened workers. 
To learn more about why ShiftPosts is the most effective way to fill relief pharmacy shifts, contact our team today.

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